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Volunteering: SBCES Arts Day

I spent Wednesday presenting at State Bridge Crossing Elementary School as one of several local artists for their early grades’ Arts Day. It was a fantastic experience made all the better by the excellent planning and prepping of all the teachers and administrators at SBCES, particularly their fantastic art teacher, Mrs. Elder. Kindergarteners – 2nd graders came and spent 45 minutes composing, exposing, and processing cyanotype “sun prints”. We talked about natural vs. man made objects, shadows, molecules, positive & negative, and opposites. It was quite an educational 45 minutes! And best of all they left with a beautiful work of art to remember it by. Their work was incredible! I encouraged the students to take the prints home to their parents to frame – they’re just beautiful!

I spent 7 years as a high school art teacher. I love children and I love teaching. And I love that even though I no longer teach in a classroom I had the opportunity to do so today. But folks, teaching is exhausting! I encourage you to volunteer and support your local schools. Get out and see what teachers do every day – they make the world a better place one child at a time. I can’t think of any job more important than this. Get out and help a teacher, and keep up the good work SBCES!

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