About Me

I am quiet, a little (a lot) sarcastic, and chronically on the go. I'm super goal oriented, I love projects, my family, my house, and helping clients bring their visions to life. I am a maker at heart. I love to make food, fun, art and just about anything you can imagine.

Black and white darkroom photography is my first artistic love. I'm still carting around a full darkroom set-up, waiting for the day I can find/make a space and time to smell those chemicals again. I love to capture honesty in my photographs - the real you is beautiful, just as you are. I love to find beauty in the everyday - it's there, even in the sorrow. I love natural light, meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and making beautiful images. I have a bachelor's degree in photography and a master's degree in art education and a whole lot of experience photographing people, places, and things.

Let's make something beautiful together!



“We were so happy with Elizabeth and her services! She made the process seamless and the quality of our pictures are great. I didn't expect her to help keep the wedding day organized but she was on top of everything. I would definitely use her again.”