Eleanor and Mae meet for the first time.

Life Waits for No One

Our lives were a bit of a mess leading up to your birth. Our health insurance was up in the air, Aaron's employment wasn't permanent, and I was busting my hump to make sure we could pay the hospital & OB bill, just in case we didn't have insurance. But once we made it past the hospital administration, all was well. Aaron was with me the entire time and it was a calmer and easier delivery than with Eleanor. The OR was VERY impressed with your size when you arrived. You remained the talk of the nursery for the duration of our stay - and that's saying something at Northside, aka the Baby Factory of the South. Nana and Pop stayed in the condo building with Eleanor, so after you were born Aaron ran home to get everyone. And Ethan and his family popped in for an unexpected visit. Nana, Pop, Eleanor, and Aaron all arrived as soon as they left. It was a whirlwind. Aaron took everyone home and then it was just us in the hospital. Heather, Stephanie, and Alex visited, Herb and Betty took a shift with Eleanor while Nana and Pop went home, and Aaron and Eleanor visited every day. We were in the hospital, with the worst food imaginable, for 4 days. You were jaundiced and I told the pediatrician to get you healthy before we left - we were absolutely not taking those blue lights home. You were miserable with those silly goggles on. But we all survived.